Bopp and Tone

I’d never heard of Bopp & Tone before I started researching for this blog. I booked a table well in advance (3 months to be precise) as they offered Bottomless Perrier Jouet. This is my friend Patricks favorite tiple and he’s always impossibly busy and notoriously hard to pin down. Their bottomless is on every week, however their Soul Saturday in only on once a month and that was what I was interested in. Since then I have followed Bopp & Tone on Instagram, drooling over delicious pictures of their food and decor. Located on Carrington St a short 5 minute walk from Wynyard and a brisk 40 minute walk from my door.

Bopp & Tone present Soul Saturdays. This image is not indicative of the Soul Singers

We booked for midday. I generally skip breakfast on bottomless brunch days and like to make as early a start as possible. Of course Ashley (as always) was early even though she said she might be a bit late and was perusing the menu with her girlfriend Kaylah. Patrick & Christine arrived not long after and we all settled in for another fabulous brunch. The first thing I noticed apart being the only people there at the time, was the fantastic decor. The rich wood and the gorgeous deco lighting, the cute wall sconces and a multitude of ball chandeliers. There were small cushioned booths which made it feel cosy, while large floor to ceiling windows let in streams of warm winter sunshine.

The menu is a set 6 courses to share and there are 3 drink options. For $ 88.00 you can have 2 hours or unlimited prosecco (which was delicious and what we decided to go with) or you could have bellinis with peach juice (which Ash opted for a bit later) or you could up the anti and pay $ 150.00 for the bottomless Perrier Jouet (which is why I originally invited Patrick knowing his love for it.) As Patrick had just gotten back from NYC (for work of course) he also decided to go with the prosecco. I might have forgotten to remind him he had options but I am sure his wallet is thanking me today! The waitresses were very attentive and rarely did we have to beckon anyone over for a refill as they topped up our glasses regularly before they were even empty.

As I previously said I’d been insta stalking Bopp & Tone for several months before we showed up for our brunch and had been drooling over pictures of their food for what seemed like ages! The food did not disappoint. Not only was it delicious it was plentiful. There’s no way you’ll be leaving this brunch hungry. Unfortunately there is no pictorial evidence of the bread that was served warm in the basket with a small bowl of olive oil but we all thoroughly enjoyed it. Good bread is just so damn yummy! Next out were bite sized buffalo mozzarella with wild thyme honey served with smoked salmon fritters and ricotta salad. The cheese was just the right amount of savory and sweet. The salmon fritters melt in your mouth and the prosecco just kept flowing.

Set up for Soul Saturday’s

As we all animatedly chatted away we wondered, where was the Soul?? There had been a bit of background music for the last half an hour which was perfect and allowed us to chat and catch up, but as yet there was no live music. That’s when four guys walked in and started setting up. All four had mics, there were 2 electric guitars, a keyboard and a drum machine, at least I think it was a drum machine. Later it made sounds like tubular bells! Not long after that they wandered off and we called the waitress over to ask when the live music would actually start. Here’s a tip and something I would have liked to have known prior to my 12pm booking. Live music doesn’t start until 1pm! The drinks are free flowing for 2 hours, the sitting is for 2.5 hours and the live music doesn’t start until 1pm. If I’d know this in advance I definitely would have booked a later sitting.

Bopp & Tones signature spatchcock was plump and juicy. Seasoned with smoky paprika, oregano and chilli, served with organic yogurt and activated charcoal, none of that inactive charcoal for us 😜 It was served with fried cauliflower with paprika, dukkha, yogurt and mint. It reminded me a bit of the bottomless brunch we had at Nomad where we also had spatchcock and cauliflower. An hour had passed and it was finally time for the live music!

I can see clearly now Lorraine (er I mean THE Rain) has gone. The Ben Sekali Trio – or is that quartet?

The band were great, although they were set up behind a big banquette which I thought was a bit odd. It’s obviously something that is there all the time but it would have been great if they could have been in front of it instead. It made it difficult to get photos of them without getting up and being super obvious about it in front of the whole restaurant. We were right in front of them but with the banquette blocking the view of them from the waist down it was a bit tricky so here’s one I quickly snapped from the side on my way to the loo. The music was soft and croony and we were still able to chat as we enjoyed the remainder of our brunch.

Char grilled rib eye on the bone

The rib eye was medium rare and served cooked to perfection, the broccolini tender and not overcooked, the potatoes were crisp on the outside and fluffy in the inside. The band took a quick break while we discussed the gorgeous flatware, asked for a toothpick and struggled through what is now known as toothpickgate (don’t ask!) Dessert was not included on the set sharing menu but I needed something sweet and as the waitress took away our plates I ordered us a peanut nougat crunch with 5 spoons. It was so good Patrick & Christine ordered 3 more to take home.

Peanut nougat crunch with chewy caramel

Last drinks were called (twice) and then Ash decided she needed an espresso martini for the road. Not to let her drink alone (that would be impolite) we ordered a round for the table. As Ash and Kaylah got ready to depart for their bottomless pizza and craft beer experience (again, don’t ask lol) the band returned. The music was much louder. People got up to dance and Patrick, Christine and I adjourned to the terrace where we continued to sip our martinis and enjoy the music through the closed glass doors in the warm winter sun.

Espresso Martini

Patrick & Christine called an uber and I wandered home with a smile on my face and a spring in my step until I went to the bank, withdrew fifty dollars and promptly lost it! But that’s another story. Here’s to the ladies who brunch. 🥂

📍 where – 60 Carrington St Sydney

🌏 www –

🥂🍾 bottomless – Prosecco, bellinis or upgrade to Perrier Jouet

💵 how much – $88 Prosecco $150 Perrier Jouet

🥩🥗 food – 6 course set menu

⌚️ how long – 2 hours

🗓 when – Soul Saturday’s once a month from 12pm (suggest 1pm booking) or Bottomless long brunch every Saturday.

🎭 entertainment

📚 booking – must have minimum 4 people

In search of the best Bottomless Brunch in Sydney



You may remember a few weeks ago I had booked to go to Untied for Brunch with Soul. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control (non cocktail drinkers) I had to postpone that brunch and headed to Nomad instead. Fast forward a few weeks and I thought I’d invite my friend Aishlinn to join me when I re booked at Untied. Aishlinn is a pescatarian with a vegetarian partner (at the time I mistakenly thought he was vegan) and Untied offers vegan and vegetarian options as part of their bottomless brunch. Chris is also a music teacher so I thought a bit of soul would be a perfect fit. Not long after I was hosting a tour of the Brix Distillery with the Darlo Darlings and was speaking to my friend Danielle about her joining me for a Bottomless Brunch. She’d just made a new friend on the tour who we later went out to dinner with and I invited them both to join me for brunch with soul as Ali was also a vegetarian. In the end it turned out to be just the three of us. Chris had a conference, Rohan who we invited later was sick and Ali had ghosted us – wtf?

Take the elevator – it’s a long way up to Level 4

I arrived slightly late so the girls were there before me. I got a bit lost until I looked up and saw the word Untied on the side of a building with a steep staircase next to it. It was a long way up and I probably should have taken the elevator but I decided I could use the exercise and made the trek up the stairs. When I arrived both girls were chatting animatedly and had already been served their first beverage. It was a bright, sunny winters day and we were sitting in the glaring sun. I got up and asked if we could be moved to a slightly less sunny seat – sighting that while I was not a vampire I didn’t want to melt. We also realised the heaters above us were switched on and once they were turned off we were all a lot more comfortable.

I chatted with the girls trying to catch anyones attention so I could grab my first beverage. I waited and waited and finally got up to ask if I could order a drink. This became an on going problem for our table and we soon learn to order 2 drinks each from the waiter or waitress as they were passing and eventually one of them would arrive. What can I say? It was a learning experience. The offering at Untied is a set menu with a range of four cocktails as part of the bottomless so we ordered one of everything. The things I do for you dear reader! It was hard to choose between the Sloe Death & The Elderflower Bisou as a favorite. We did try the Rogue Rose Spritz early on but it was a bit tart with the Rouge Vermouth and lemon and of course we’ve all had an Aperol Spritz before.

The first and favorite drink of the day was the Elderflower Bisou
Toast with butter and jam. Not exactly served hot but the jam was delicious and the serving plentiful.

But of course we weren’t just there for the drinks or the toast, we had also come for the soul and it did not disappoint. At first it was a bit shocking. We’d been trying to chat and suddenly we had a saxophonist playing right behind us. The group consisted of three singers with microphones, a backing track and of course our live sax player. After a few drinks everyone started to get into it clapping along and singing to songs like Price Tag by Jessie J.

Sax man

When the yogurt came out I was surprised at the tiny serving. Nevertheless it was pretty tasty. On our booking we had originally said 3 x carnivores, 1 x pescatarian and 1 x vegetarian. We were now two carnivores and one pescatarian. I asked the girls if they had advised our waiter and they assured me they had although they weren’t 100% sure he had understood what they were talking about as English was obviously his second language. This was proven when the next course came out, mini croissants with ham and cheese. We mentioned this to the manager Simone who whisked it away (shame Danielle and I wanted to split that!) and a new one was bought back sans ham.

Next out was the eggs bendedict. with crispy fried chicken, egg, baby spinach and some spicy hollandaise. Sadly the vegetarian option was not as tasty and Aishlinn had egg envy. Maybe she’d been give the vegan option as not only was she missing an egg she also didn’t get the delicious spicy hollandaise that we were enjoying.

Nduja Eggs Benedict – so good I could have had two!
Our waitress Coz – no pictures please!

The singers did 2 more sets about 20 minutes each which was perfect timing and they were excellent. Engaging all of us, roaming around the tables, singing to the crowd, perching on chairs and dancing on tables. I really enjoyed the music and as the drinks flowed mics were put into peoples hands as the crowd sang along. In between sets there was background music which could have been just that little bit quieter so that everyone could have chatted comfortably without raising their voices as much. This was my first visit to Untied and I really love it as a venue. I must come back and see what it’s like at night.

Having the live sax was a bonus and definitely added to the atmosphere.
All the singers worked well together and they were obviously having fun.

Served in between the final course was Watermelon & Mint Kombucha. I’d never tried kombuncha before and after this experience I probably never will again. I could feel my face scrunching up in horror as I shot it down. I can definitely say I am NOT a fan! Luckily it was followed up with warm beignets. Commonly served at breakfast in New Orleans I had wondered what they were like ever since I saw the beignet van on the TV series Once Upon a Time. Deep fried choux pastry served with praline cream. Absolutely delicious.

Beignets covered in icing sugar and served warm with praline cream.

As the brunch came to and end and last drinks were called (twice) we settled up the bill and made our way (sensibly) to the elevator. As much as I enjoyed the music I did leave Untied feeling a bit unsatisfied and as I wandered home via Darling Square I found a newly opened Gelato Messina that didn’t have a queue and the problem was solved.

📍 where – level 4, 400 Barangaroo Ave Barangaroo

🌏 www –

🍹 bottomless – choice of 4 cocktails

💵 how much – $65

🥐🥯 food – set menu with soul

⌚️ how long – 2 hours

🗓 where – Saturday 1pm and 4pm

🎭 entertainment

📚 booking – must give credit card details

Brick Lane

I was surprised when I started researching for this blog just how many and varied bottomless brunches were available. Different cuisines, different drinks, different options. Brick Lane is pretty much one of a kind. A bottomless Indian that has something for everyone. I invited 5 friends and made a booking. Brunches for me are normally booked many weeks in advance. I need to know where, when, how much and with whom. Over the weeks I casually mentioned Brick Lane at several brunches. You might recognise these names from such brunches as Fratelli Fresh – Liza & Mo (her then chauffeur for the day), Bloody Marys – Dee & Joseph, Nomad – Mel & Phil (the wine/beer drinkers), Casoni – Pixie – Agent to the Stars, (who then cancelled on me at Carbon Mexican) and our brunch newcomers were Tempest, Mal and Alison. All together we made up a table of 11, my biggest brunch to date.


Brick lane – Stanley St

The first thing I noticed when I entered was the fabulous street art on the walls. I have always loved street art and have taken many walks throughout Sydney and the surrounding suburbs wandering down lanes and small side streets to photograph it. The original Brick Lane in London (as I learnt later during brunch, thanks Phil) is famous for its street art and features such artists as Banksy, D*Face and Ben Eine. I must find out more about this artist because the images were super cool and fitted in perfectly with the vibe of the restaurant.

Table for 11 – awaiting my fellow brunchers

The offering at Brick Lane is great value for money. Our group were more than eight so we were obliged to “pimp our feast” for an extra $10. Let me tell you whatever your group size this is definitely worth doing! For $55 you get 8 courses and bottomless Pinot Gris, Shiraz or beer. For an extra $10 you get a “cocktail to get this party started” and also add another 2 beverages to your bottomless package, Rosé or French Champagne! Not only that but there are also an additional 3 dishes. Why wouldn’t you?

$55 Feast or better yet – Pimp that feast for an extra $10 per person

If you’ve read the menu above and the menu cover below you will see that this is not your standard Indian fare. From the food to the cocktails, this is twisted Indian, a fusion if you will. Something a bit different to the Rogan Josh & Butter Chickens seen on most Indian menus.

Twisted – just the way I like it.

We started with poppadoms. Pretty traditional right? But when served with house made pickles and relish you could see we were on a journey to something different. Next out came the tandoori chicken spring rolls, one of our 3 additional dishes from “pimp my feast”. Tandoori or butter chicken are my favorites and though it was fabulous to feast and try a little bit of everything, I did like the twist on one of my faves served in a crispy spring roll pastry. The beef croquettes were delicious and served with a tangy tomato chutney

Chat was had as everyone got to know each other. These were friends from different parts of my life. Some had met, others had not. As the drinks flowed so did the conversation. The service was excellent as hands were waved in the air and the next beverage was delivered. Occasionally I had to ask if people needed drinks. Conversation sometimes got so animated that you forgot you had an empty glass and no glass should ever be empty at a Bottomless.

Service with a smile – the hostess with the mostess! Kiren one of the co-founders looked after our every need.

Next out were the Momos, spiced cabbage and potato dumplings. I reminded the table that the camera eats first (it doesn’t take me long to snap a few shots) but sometimes that rule goes unheard. I went to snap a pic of these momos, turned around and said “oy where’s my dumpling?” Pixie had the entire dumpling inside his mouth on a fork, took it out and offered it to me with a guilty look. He liked them so much he had forgotten there was only one serve per person. Obviously this is the best way to get Pixie to eat his veggies! He whispered “that won’t go in the blog will it?” You bet your sweet ass it will! At least I left out Trinity eh Pix? 😉

Momos – spiced cabbage and potato dumplings.

Out came the veggie balls in Marsala sauce with parmesan cheese reminiscent of an Italian dish. The crunchy tempura prawns were served on a betel leaf. Tempura which is something I normally associate with Japanese food and betel leaf which I’ve only ever had in Thai food was a big hit. Phil regaled us with stories of Brick Lane in London. I had never heard of it (and I cheated and did a little bit of research after and learnt about the street art) and was told it was once the Curry Capital of Britain and is obviously how this Brick Lane got it’s name. Curry was served and the beer and beverages continued to flow.

As dessert was bought some of us opted for a post feast happy hour espresso martini. Unfortunately with such a large group I personally didn’t get to catch up one on one as much as I like to. I think I’ll stick to smaller groups from now on (except for Drag Bingo Bottomless Brunch of course!) As we staggered into the sunset hugs and kisses were given and farewells were made, except for those of us who opted for Margaritas around the corner, but that’s another story!

📍 where – 75 Stanley St Darlinghurst

🌏 www –

🍷🥂🍾🍻🍸 bottomless – Shiraz, Pinot Gris & beer or for an additional $10 pimping add rosé and French champagne

💵 how much – $55 or pimp your feast for an additional $10

🥘🍛🍤🥟 food – Indian with a twist – 8 course set menu or additional 3 dishes when pimping

⌚️How long – 1.5 hours

🗓 when – 5.30 – 10pm Tuesday – Saturday or 12 – 3pm Friday & Saturday

Carbon Mexican

I had been looking forward to this bottomless brunch for quite some time. When I was at Casoni with my partner in crime Pixie he asked where and when our next one would be. Surely nothing could be better than bottomless margaritas and tacos, so I booked it on the spot. Fast forward to a couple of weeks before our fiesta and Pixie (agent to the stars) regretfully tells me he can’t make it as he has to fly down to Melbourne for an opening night #anotheropeningofanothershow. What was I to do? I contacted my new friend Kat from the Darlo Darlings and she was in like Flynn! Margaritas are her favourite 🍸Fast forward another week and her friend Ben who I met at Socialtable is inviting me to a bottomless brunch with Kat and him on the same day we were going to Carbon! I advised him Kat and I were already going to brunch but asked if he would care to join us. That is how we became a threesome, the terrible trio!

Carbon Mexican

Bondi is a little out of my comfort zone. I wasn’t even sure how to get there without a car. Bus? Train? Uber? On Friday when I popped in to The National art school to see my friend Danielle she suggested I walk. It was 1.5 hours from home and it seemed like a good way to get my 10k steps done and to pre walk off brunch.

Bottomless tacos and margaritas. Could life get any better?

I had my doubts about somewhere offering bottomless margaritas. Would they be watered down? Would they use margarita mix? Would it be frozen, weak and in an icy machine? My fears were unfounded. The margaritas were made in a blender and then put into a jug for service. When I say bottomless it was truly bottomless! I never saw the bottom of my glass for 2 hours as it was repeatedly topped up.

If you refill a margarita before it’s empty it’s still counts as one glass. #funfacts
Service with a smile

We decided to let the waiter bring us tacos until we said stop. Why make a decision when it can be made for you? No way José! #funfact also our waiters name, thank you José.

Drinks flowed and it started to get a bit loose. Kat regaled is with tales of her Tindr experiences. When asked for a #funfact by prospective beau she replied, did you know that a female ferret will die if she doesn’t have sex for a year? Who knew! Where did she learn these fun facts from??

It was at this stage we probably should have started having a bit more of the H2O
I love a bar with hooks for handbags. Why isn’t this everywhere?

You may ask how many tacos can one person eat while imbibing multiple margaritas. For Kat it was 3 for Ben and myself it was about 5. I really feel like we should have tried to eat a few more tacos and had several more litres of water. Definitely a tip for next time.

The decor at Carbon Mexican is fabulous too. With chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, great prints on the walls and fantastic neon. It’s those cute touches that make it warm and inviting.

Tag us #carbonmexican

Things start to get a bit hazy after that. One of those how did I get home, tracking what you did based on the photos on your phone. Apparently we did tequila shots?

Did we order tequila shots shots to round off our bottomless? Hell yeah we did!

A quick day after recap. I woke up with a grazed knee and a sprained ankle. Kat went on a tindr date and fell asleep during it. Ben ended up at The Courthouse until 2am. All in all I’d say it was a successful brunch, apart from those last little mishaps and mayhem. At least no one lost an eye. Tequila! Arriba, abajo, al centro y adentro.

📍where – 286 – 288 Bondi Rd Bondi

🌏 www –

🍸🌮 bottomless – margaritas and tacos

💵 how much – $75

🌮 food – bottomless tacos

⌚️ how long – 2 hours

🗓 when – Saturday and Sunday 12 – 5pm

East Village

After last weekends brunch was unexpectedly cancelled due to fire, I quickly rescheduled with Chris for a chillaxed pub (my first) bottomless at East Village. After a little trouble booking on their site I reached out to them on Instagram where they directed me to contact them via email. Finally it was sorted and I had my booking.

I was a bit dusty on Sunday morning. Alice had broken my karaoke cherry on her 29th birthday and while I was feeling slightly fragile I was ready for hair of the dog bottomless. East Village is a 30 minute walk from my home. I had on the wrong coat (too warm) for the 15 degree day and was almost run over on a pedestrian crossing by a taxi who had already stopped and decided to move forward again when I was directly in front of him. Add to that the fact the music kept cutting out on my Iphone (stupid IoS update) and sweat was dripping down my neck, I was definitely ready for a drink. That’s when I arrived and realised there was still quite a way to go.

I didn’t count but the Terrace is MANY steps up. Reminiscent of those Fierce parties at the top of the Kings Cross Hotel in the 90’s, but not quite as bad.
I finally made it and looking up once again the ceiling warmly greeted me in neon.

Chris was already waiting at the table, he lives slightly closer and hadn’t almost been made into road kill by a taxi! If you haven’t been to East Village for a while or ever you must check it out! Recently renovated the sun drenched terrace has an amazing view of Sydney. The open roof is covered in a net of fairy lights, which I’m sure look better in the evening where they are currently serving fondue and mulled wine. I’ll definitely be back…to see the lights of course 😉 It was midday and the pub had just opened with only a scattering of people delighting in the sunny Sydney Winters day.

Through the perspex. Terrace with a view.

There were three Bottomless bubbles options. $ 35.00 for either prosecco or the seasonal mimosa and $ 85.00 for G.H Mumm – the French. Not wanting to break the bank and wondering what a “seasonal mimosa” was we questioned the waiter. I was always under the impression that mimosas were strictly sparkling with orange juice but my waiter informed me the seasonal came with beer. Er, beer? Our waiter had a slight accent and while I looked at him puzzled repeating the word beer he rushed behind the bar and produced a fresh PEAR. With laughter Chris and I both elected to go for the seasonal mimosas with pear nectar.

Bubble options
Pear nectar & prosecco

What I loved about the East Village was the casual DIY vibe with the bottomless. The waitress showed us how much pear nectar we should add, gave us the jug, the bottle of prosecco on ice and left us to it. Too easy! We didn’t even have to bother the staff when we wanted a drink.

The offerings for food were either from the a la carte or brunch menus. I didn’t bother with the a la carte menu as I had already chosen before I arrived from the weekend brunch menu. Chris and I decided on the same thing, chicken and waffles with a side of bacon to share. There was quite a wait for the food, which seemed strange considering the lack of customers at the time. Not that we cared. We were chatting, laughing, drinking and soaking up the warm afternoon sun, neither of us were in much of a rush on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Strangely one plate of waffles arrived first with the 2nd plate arriving with the bacon 10 – 15 minutes later, apologies were made by the staff. Again neither of us cared as we poured ourselves another beverage.

Weekend brunch menu. You’ve got to love a menu without too many options. It makes it much easier to choose.
Sadly there was no corn bread with the waffles, apparently they were corn bread and herb waffles. They were fabulous though, served with maple syrup and coriander cream. Moist, crisp and delicious.
Everything is better with bacon and this serving gave us each 2 pieces each.

As the 1.75 hours came to a close (such a strange number, I wonder if it has anything to do with our RSA laws?) the waitress spot on the dot came to take away our left over prosecco. Lifting the bottle from the ice bucket and taking in the looks of disappointment on our sad little faces she smiled and said she’d leave it. Thank you East Village, I’ll definitely be back. Another brunch bites the dust.

I’m not sure what the “s” stands for? Chris has advised me it probably stands for Sydney, but shouldn’t it really be D for Darlinghurst?

📍 where – 234 Palmer St Darlinghurst

🌏 www –

🥂 🍐🍾 bottomless – Prosecco, seasonal mimosa or French Champagne

💵 how much – $35 for Prosecco or mimosas $85 for the Mumm

🍗🥓 food – off menu (additional) a la crate or weekend brunch menu

⌚️ how long – 1.75 hours

🗓 when – Saturday and Sunday from 11am

🐶 pet friendly


I’d booked brunch with Mel and Phil several weeks ago. Phil is into live music so I organised for us to go to Untied for the “Brunch with Soul”. Unfortunately Mel hadn’t read the details on the invite I had sent her until the day before (you had one job, one! 🤣) and neither she nor Phil drink cocktails, bottomless or otherwise. I was on the lookout for a bottomless with wine. Not Bellinis, not Prosecco but wine. Surprisingly there wasn’t a lot to choose from but in a last ditch effort I asked if Rosé was ok? It was and this is how we ended up with a last minute booking at Nomad.

This typography has always bothered me and but now I know the reasoning behind it, it’s pretty cool.
The A and the D in the company logo are little Nomads off wandering. They are leaving the flock!

Once it had been agreed upon I frantically tried to book from my bathtub on Friday the night before. The website would let me book for 2 people but not 3. Surely this was an error? Should I book for 2 and rock up with 3? I contacted them via SMS and Facebook Messenger and they got back to me within the hour. Would I be ok with a small table? Yes, yes I would. When we arrived it turned out to be 3 on a large share table and while there were others on the table no one was right next to us.

Bottomless rosé – my first

Our gorgeous waiter had a swing to his step and a smile on his face. He reminded me of Agador from The Birdcage and was from Sicily. He was very attentive with the rosé and even though the restaurant was quite crowded we never had an empty glass for long and if ever we gave him a wave he noticed right away and rushed over.

Saturday Rosé feast! Thanks for holding it Phil

The first thing that came out was the Cannellini bean hummus. Rich and creamy the flavour was amazing. I had been to Nomad once for dinner with clients and had forgotten how beautifully they spice their contemporary Middle Eastern cuisine.

Cannellini bean hummus.

Not long after that the nomad charcuterie came out. By that time we had pretty much demolished the one slice of bread that was allotted to us with the hummus. Luckily the waitress was happy to bring us another plate. The hummus went perfectly with the selection of smoked meats.

Nomad charcuterie

The zucchini flowers came out next. Liberally covered in pecorino cheese and drizzled in honey. While this seemed a strange flavour combination to me the cheese, truffle and honey worked together beautifully.

I love a stuffed zucchini flower – styling by Mel.

Next out and our final course was the BBQ spatchcock. I’m usually not a huge spatchcock fan. I’ve had some dry over cooked ones in the past but this one was fabulous. Plump and juicy it was served with wedges of fresh lime, harissa, toum – a Lebanese garlic sauce and guindilla which were pretty damn spicy. It was served with a side salad of spiced cauliflower, cashew, wild rocket and labne. Seriously this is some of the best cauliflower I’ve ever eaten and you know it’s good if I’m raving about a vegetable! (other than potato)

Careful those guindillas can be spicy
Perfectly spiced cauliflower.

We didn’t end up going with the cheese platter and in my head, (and then IRL) I decided to pop into Nutie on the way home for coffee and cake. All in all I was glad we’d changed the venue. (Although it was a bit stressful the night before!) The food was fantastic and the rosé divine. Thanks for breaking your bottomless virginity with me Melly & Phil. Here’s to the ladies that brunch. 🥂

📍 where – 16 Foster St Surry Hills

🌏 www –

🍷 bottomless – rosé or for an extra $15 sparkling rosé

💵 how much – $75 for food and beverage package

🥗 food – set menu

⌚️ how long – 1.5 hours

🗓 when – Saturday from 12pm

Manly Wine

The gorgeous Audra and I have been friends for many years now and have just recently started reconnecting more by making a concerted effort to brunch together on a semi regular basis. Our last bottomless brunch was pre blog and at the end of it Audra asked if it would be ok if the next one could be on her side of the bridge. Auds is from Deewhy and always travels to meet me somewhere in or about the city at a place of my choosing all of which are pretty much walking distance from my place in Surry Hills. I was on a mission to find the best Bottomless Brunch on the north side and even though it’s my first – it’s the best one I’ve found to date.

Manly Wine. Not to be confused with The Winery in Surry Hills but owned by the same mob

Manly is a great place for both of us. Stu, Audras hubby is a surfer and dropped her down on the way to the beach. Living across the road from Central makes it easy for me to get virtually anywhere that’s accessible by public transport. I did a little search on tripview and found the right ferry. There are two ways of getting to Manly via ferry. #thingsilearntontheweekend The public ferry which is slower and about 7 bucks and the Manly Fast Ferry which is shitloads faster and only $2 more. I’d already worked out I was catching the fast one before I knew it was faster or cost more because it arrived at 11.55am and I wasn’t sure how far Manly Wine was from the wharf (not far as it turned out.)

Not a bad view on the way to The Dark Side

We arrived pretty much on the dot accidentally meeting at the corner. The wharf being a short 10 minute walk to the South Steyne which is just on the other side. We were quickly shown to a table for two at the large front windows opposite the beach. Table with a view.

Greeted at the door by this fabulous neon flamingo

Manly Wine is the first bottomless brunch I have found that goes for 3 hours. There’s no need to feel pressured by the time. Sit back, relax and let the fabulous staff bring you an endless stream of Bellinis in peach, lychee or raspberry flavours.

The menu – you will definitely NOT leave hungry.
First up the traditional peach which I tried for the first time in Venice at Harrys where it was created.
Love the rose petal garni served in every drink.

We sat down drinks were bought, conversation was had and out came our first course. It would hardly fit on out small table for two. The crisp fried salt and pepper squid with lime aioli was light, tender and crunchy. Delicious salami, ham and my personal favorite a large chunk of chicken and pistachio terrine was served with a soft smokey Camembert, a blue and a sharp cheddar cheese. Topped off with some perfectly pickled vegetables, toasted bread and crackers, it was the perfect way to begin our brunch.

Salt and pepper squid with lime aioli. PS those chilies were hot!
My favorite was the chicken and pistachio terrine served with assorted cold meats,
figs and quince paste with pickled vegetables.
Not a massive fan of olives but they looked so pretty. The bread was perfect and still slightly warm

The next course arrived. Unfortunately the photos of the fish sandwiches served on a crusty baguette and the pulled pork sliders with delicious BBQ sauce didn’t do them justice. I’ll leave that one up to your imagination. (Note to self do not deconstruct sandwiches and take photos of them, it just ends up looking messy!) There was also a poke bowl. No need to choose between the salmon or tofu. Both were in the bowl with some lettuce, rice and some sort of wonton like chips which were delicious. When we asked for more the waitress happily accommodated us. This is definitely a brunch you won’t leave feeling hungry.

Poke bowl with Salmon & Tofu

I am a sweet girl at heart and the petit fours did not disappoint. Moist pistachio cake, baby lemon meringue and the pièce de résistance was the chocolate macaroon cake. All of which were delicious.

No it’s not matcha, it’s pistachio.
Baby Lemon meringues and that delicious chocolate macaroon cake.

Auds and I toddled out the door with kisses and promises to brunch again sometime in the near future. I tipsily wandered to the wharf with a happy smile on my face and thoughts of the ferry ride ahead. If you’re on the North side this is not a brunch to be missed. Another brunch bites the dust.

📍 where – 8 – 13 South Steyne Manly

🌏 www –

🥂🍑 bottomless – Bellinis

💵 how much – $79 For food and beverage package

🍽🥗 food – set menu

⌚️ how long – 3 hours

🗓 when – Saturday and Sunday – 2 sessions a day 12 – 3pm and 3.30 – 6.30pm